Research & Development (R&D)

In addition to our own R&D we collaborate with academia and clients to continue delivering cutting-edge technology.

Software development

13 man-years have been put into the Attack development so far. We continuously work on improving and expanding the software, in directions of handling further data formats, added functionality, easier user-interface and even more thorough documentation.

Hardware development

Work on the next generation ROVDOG instrument package, utilising new components in the market and new ways of carrying the package.

SENSE project

Assuring integrity of CO2 storage sites through ground surface monitoring.

Quad Geometrics is industry partner in SENSE, which is a research project funded under the ERA-NET ACT programme. Its primary objective is to demonstrate reliable, cost efficient CO2 storage monitoring using ground surface deformation detection combined with geomechanical modelling and inversion to provide information on pressure distribution and hydraulic behaviour of storage sites.

SHAPE project

Quad Geometrics is leader of SHAPE, which will improve precision for monitoring uplift/subsidence. The project is supported by the public Norwegian CLIMIT program administered by GASSNOVA. The methods will be tested on subsidence data above and adjacent to the Troll Gas Field, to learn from a unique dataset over 15 years.

NCCS project

The Norwegian CCS Research Centre

Quad Geometrics is industry partner in NCCS, the Norwegian Carbon Capture Storage research centre. It aims to fast-track CCS by working closely with the industry on research that addresses major barriers in making carbon capture and storage to happen in Norway, Europe, and the world.