Papersfrom Quad Geometrics staff on Quad’s technology

List of published scientific papers

Accurate Measurements of Seabed Subsidence above Norwegian gas fields. O. Eiken, T. Stenvold and H. Alnes. First Break March 2022.

Generalized Geertsma solution for isotropic layered medium. Park, J., Eiken, O. Bjørnarå, T.I. and Bohloli, B. Extened Abstract TCCS-11 – Trondheim Conference on CO2 Capture, Transport and Storage, 2021.

Accurate Measurements of Seabed Subsidence above North Sea fields. Ola Eiken and Torkjell Stenvold. Extended Abstract from the first EAGE Geophysical Monitoring conference and Exhibition 2021.

Experiences in Microgravity Surveying TechniquesOla Eiken and Mark Zumberge. Abstract AGU Annual Meeting 2019.

Twenty Years of Monitoring CO2 Injection at Sleipner. Ola Eiken. In: Geophysics and Geosequestration (edited by Thomas L. Davis, Martin Landrø and Malcolm Wilson). Cambridge University Press 2019, p. 209-234.

Gravity. Surface and Borehole. Ola Eiken. In: Geophysics and Geosequestration (edited by Thomas L. Davis, Martin Landrø and Malcolm Wilson). Cambridge University Press 2019, p. 115-133.

Gravity and Subsidence Monitoring for Production Optimization And Improved Reserve Estimation Of Gas FieldsOla Eiken. EAGE Conference on Reservoir Geoscience. Kuala Lumpur 2018.

Surface Gravity and Subsidence as Complementary Monitor Data to Reservoir Pressures and 4D Seismic.Ola Eiken. EAGE workshop on 4D seismic and Reservoir Monitoring, Abu Dhabi, November 2018.

20 years of monitoring CO2-injection at Sleipner. Anne-Kari Furre, Ola Eiken, Håvard Alnes, Jonas Nesland Vevatne, Anders Fredrik Kiær. Energy Procedia 114 (2017) 3916-3926.

Four Decades of Gravity Monitoring of the Groningen Gas Field. O. Eiken, M. Glegola, S. Liu and M.A. Zumberge. EAGE Conference Extended Abstract 2017.

Use of Field-wide Seafloor Time-lapse Gravity in History Mathing the Mikkel Gas Condensate Field. J.N. Vevatne, H. Alnes, O. Eiken, T. Stenvold and F. Vassenden. 74th EAGE Conference Extended Abstract 2012.

History Matching Time-Lapse Surface-Gravity and Well-Pressure Data With Ensemble Smoother for Estimating Gas Field Aquifer Support – A 3D Numerical Study. M. Glegola, P. Ditmar, R.G. Hanea, O. Eiken, F.C. Vossepoel, R. Arts & R. Klees. SPE Journal 1-15, 2012.

Time-lapse seafloor gravity and height measurements for reservoir monitoringM. Zumberge, G. Sasagawa, H. Alnes, O. Eiken and T. Stenvold. OTC 23701, 2012.

Use of time-lapse gravity and subsidence measurements in history matching.  T.Stenvold, O. Eiken & H.Alnes. NGF Abstracts and Proceedings, No 4, p.40-43, 2010.

Results from Sleipner gravity monitoring: updated density and temperature distribution of the CO2 plumeH.Alnes, O.Eiken, S.Nooner, T.Stenvold and M.Zumberge. Energy Procedia, Volume 4, 2011, Pages 5504-5511. 10th International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies.

Experiences on seafloor gravimetric and subsidence monitoring above producing reservoirs. H.Alnes, T.Stenvold and O.Eiken. Extended Abstract, 72nd EAGE Conference Extended Abstract 2010.

Long Term seafloor tidal gravity and pressure observations in the North Sea: Testing and validation of a theoretical tidal model. Glenn Sasagawa, Mark Zumberge and Ola Eiken. Geophysics, 73, WA143-148, 2008.

Monitoring gas production and CO2 injection at the Sleipner field using time-lapse gravimetry. Håvard Alnes, Ola Eiken og Torkjell Stenvold. Geophysics, 73, WA155-161, 2008.

Precision of seafloor gravity and pressure measurements for reservoir monitoring. Mark Zumberge, Håvard Alnes, Ola Eiken, Glenn Sasagawa and Torkjell Stenvold. Geophysics, 73, WA133-141, 2008.

Gravimetric monitoring of gas production from the Troll field. Ola Eiken, Torkjell Stenvold, Mark Zumberge, Håvard Alnes, Glenn Sasagawa. Geophysics, 73, WA149-154, 2008.

Gravimetric monitoring of gas reservoir water influx – a combined flow– and gravity-modelling approach. Torkjell Stenvold, Ola Eiken and Martin Landrø. Geophysics, 73, WA123-131, 2008.

Constraints on the in situ density of CO2 within the Utsira formation from time-lapse seafloor gravity measurements. Forfattere: Scott L. Nooner, Ola Eiken, Christian Hermanrud, Glenn S. Sasagawa, Torkjell Stenvold, Mark A. Zumberge. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas control 1 (2007), 198-214.

High-precision Relative Depth and Subsidence Mapping From Seafloor Water-Pressure Measurements. SPE Journal September 2006, p. 380-389. Forfattere: T. Stenvold, O. Eiken, M.A. Zumberge, G.S. Sasagawa and S.L. Nooner.

Gravimetric and seafloor subsidence monitoring – a reservoir management tool. Ola Eiken og Torkjell Stenvold. Abstract, SPE Bergen One Day Seminar, 20th April 2005.

Surface geophysical monitoring of gas fields – some experiences. In: DORÉ, A.G. & VINING, B.A. (eds) Petroleum Geology: North-West Europe and Global Perspectives–Proceedings of the 6th Petroleum Geology Conference, 641-650. O. Eiken, T. Tollefsen, F. Aanvik and T. Alsos, 2005.

Gravimetric reservoir monitoring – a tool for monitoring moving gas-fluid fronts. Abstract, Geophysical Reservoir Monitoring Forum, Bahrain, March 15-17, 2005, p192. Extended Abstract, SEG Japan Meeting, November 2004.

Gravimetric Monitoring of gas production from the Troll fieldOla Eiken, Mark Zumberge, Torkjell Stenvold, Glenn Sasagawa, Scott, Nooner. SEG Annual Meeting Extended Abstracts 2004.

A new sea-floor gravimeter. Geophysics 2003, vol. 68, no. 2, p. 544-553. G. Sasagawa, W. Crawford, O. Eiken, S. Nooner, T. Stenvold og M. Zumberge. ”Best paper Geophysics 2003” award.

A method for monitoring seafloor subsidence and for gravity monitoring an underground hydrocarbon reservoir. Patent. GR BRIT 2377500A, P 1/15/2003, F 12/12/2000. US 6813564 2nd Nov 2004.  Eiken,O.; Zumberge, M.; Hildebrand, J.

Gravity monitoring of offshore gas reservoirs. SEG Annual Meeting Abstracts, 2000. O. Eiken, M. Zumberge and G. Sasagawa.