Software for microgravity and seafloor subsidence/uplift; data processing, modelling and analysis.

The software package Attrack can be used for gravity, microgravity, time-lapse gravity and seafloor height data. It is developed by Quad Geometrics and used in-house for providing services to customers. We also offer licensing of the package to clients.

Attrack features

  • Selection for either onshore or offshore data
  • 5 modules, for:
    • Modelling
    • Survey simulation
    • Survey processing
    • Time-lapse
    • Utilities
  • Input formats are:
    • Quad Geometrics CG-5 and CG-6 internal format (at 6 Hz or 10 Hz sampling)
    • Scintrex standard CG-5 and CG-6 formats
    • Octio CG-6 internal format
    • External data of various formats
  • Data are resampled to a chosen rate, for on-the-fly processing through to station values
  • Uncertainties are carried through together with estimated station values
  • User manual describing the theory behind each step and option in detail (300+ pages)
  • Object Oriented language (Python)
    • Structured for ease of modifications/extensions
    • Version 1.1 February 2022 

Benefits of Attrack

  • State-of-the-art methods and algorithms
  • All of microgravity is kept within the same software package
  • User interface which is intuitive
  • The processing is reproducible
  • Easy to keep multiple versions of the data, with different parameter settings

Attrack modules and data flow

  • Data are shared between modules
  • Processing results from multiple surveys are analysed in the time-lapse module
  • Model and real data are compared in the time-lapse module
  • Survey simulated data can be run through the processing and time-lapse modules  
  • Output to spreadsheet or text-files from modelling and time-lapse module

User manual

Attrack user manual

A 300+ pages user manual for version 1.1 describes the user interface. It explains buttons to push and parameters to select. It also describes and documents principles and algorithms, data flow and input/output data of all parts of Attrack.